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Let us help you

Follow these steps:

  1. Look at our skills and areas of expertise in next section.
  2. Send me email to front_desk@dakic.com with description of your project/problem.
  3. Tell me how would you like me to help you.

Hey, I always wanted to create a marketplace for vegans, do you think you could make a mobile app/website for me? How much/long would that take?
Hey, I have this app that someone else developed. It is slow/ugly, can you help?


What we can do for you

We Develop software that is superior in performance and quality. We do that by using best practices and always striving to use the newest technology.

Most projects fall into one of these buckets:

New development

You have idea/need and would like us to develop it. We love those. It gives us chance to use best options and create solid foundation for project future.

Problem resolution

You have existing project/legacy codebase with some kind of problem that need expert help. It can be performance issues with bulky UI, pages loading slowly etc. Often you have older codebase with potential security issues, that first need to be upgraded which is not trivial. We handled number of such projects successfully.

Rescue project

Somewhat similar to problem projects, rescue project is when you have codebase that someone else developed and that company is no longer available and need us to go in and freshen code, foundations, UI, redesign.


  • React & TypeScript
  • Rails over Ruby
  • Advanced JS, Elm, Svelte, Stencil
  • Elixir & Phoenix
  • GraphQL database
  • Design Thinking
  • Test driven code
  • Prototype
Do something great

Process that leads to success

We use a process we call Natural Agile. It uses simple lightweight ceremonies.

For new projects and existing ones, before we start, I would like to understand your needs really well, before we engage in costly development. That is why we use different Design Thinking exercises or research to understand more about the problem.

Natural Agile

Our process uses sensible agile ceremony and principles to make work flow and nothing to impede or slow it down.

Get in touch

Talk to us using what works best for you. Explain what your needs are and what you would like our help to be.